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Project – Productive Innovation
Reference -  CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-000506
Purpose – PME ‘s reinforce competitiveness
Intervention Region - Centro
Beneficiary Entity - Bamer – Sistemas de Divisórias Lda

Approval Date - 07-08-2015
Beginning Date - 01-05-2015
Conclusion Date - 30-10-2017

Total Eligible Cost - 948.675,96€
European Union Financial Support - 664.073,17€
With this project, Bamer will rearrange its current production process that is weakly automated and unsuited connected within its distinct production stages, leading to a low operational productivity.
Furthermore, this project will allow the aggregation of surface treatment process to our value chain, allowing a bigger domain of the production chain value, that will be sustained using renewable energy (industrial pellets boiler) for surface treatment heating.  
Besides the technological innovation, the company aims to improve a management system (ERP), integrating new processes to support economic and financial management activity, operations with business partners, as well as information processing in an analytical and intelligent way to better support management decisions.