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Since 2006 we are specialized in designing, producing and installing integrated partition systems and, more recently, tailor made carpentries.

With a strong technical know-how, we assure the complete production of a solution entirely developed and marketed by us with high reliability, quality and functionality.   



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With about 10 000m2, modern equipment, strong know-how and continuous improvement policies, we effectively overcome the new projects’ challenges. 




Project - Internationalization of PME
Reference - 20016
Purpose - InterMark | INTERnational Market Prospection and MARKeting
Intervention Region- Centro
Beneficiary Entity - Bamer – Sistemas de Divisórias Lda

Approval Date - 06-09-2016
Beginning Date - 06-05-2016
Conclusion Date - 05-05-2019

Total Eligible Cost- 1.090.111,25€
European Union Financial Support - 490.550,06€



Project – Productive Innovation
Reference -  CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-000506
Purpose – PME ‘s reinforce competitiveness
Intervention Region - Centro
Beneficiary Entity - Bamer – Sistemas de Divisórias Lda

Approval Date - 07-08-2015
Beginning Date - 01-05-2015
Conclusion Date - 30-10-2017

Total Eligible Cost - 948.675,96€
European Union Financial Support - 664.073,17€
With this project, Bamer will rearrange its current production process that is weakly automated and unsuited connected within its distinct production stages, leading to a low operational productivity.
Furthermore, this project will allow the aggregation of surface treatment process to our value chain, allowing a bigger domain of the production chain value, that will be sustained using renewable energy (industrial pellets boiler) for surface treatment heating.  
Besides the technological innovation, the company aims to improve a management system (ERP), integrating new processes to support economic and financial management activity, operations with business partners, as well as information processing in an analytical and intelligent way to better support management decisions.    




Bamer Management Policy unifies our commitment to overcome the highest expectations of our customers, by promoting continuous improving practices that assures: development and creation of high quality products and services; promoting forest derivative products management as well as its rational use, according to FSC policies; assures appropriate health and security working conditions. It is our concern to guarantee the necessary steps to assure the accomplishment of our goals by:
- Establishing optimization and development strategies that fulfill our customers, partners, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
- Achievement of all legally, regulatory, contractual, normative and ethical requirements with absolute respect for the standards: NP EN ISO 9001 and FSC Chain of Custody Certification, FSC-STD-40-004 (V3).
- Effort and commitment qualifying, involving and compromising Human Resources with the Management System;
- Providing information and other resources to successfully fulfill our goals.


ISO 9001:2015

Being certificated in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001:2015, by BUREAU VERITAS Portugal, our Integrated Management System reflects dedication to our customers by improving our performance as a company, delivering products and services with mutual benefits.



By complying stringent requirements from FSC certification, with our FSC certified solutions we guarantee the acquisition of raw materials from certified suppliers and therefore an appropriate control of storage, processing and dispatch. 
Certificate scope including products and certified sites may also be checked on the FSC database.



With SIGRES – An Integrated Management System for Packaging Waste, Sociedade Ponto Verde plays an important role as partner for packaging recycling, always with the will of improving the materials’ lifetime and recommending the implementation of a sustainable circuit for itself.